How To Find Life Meaning in 6 Word Story?

Stanford Graduate School of Business Campus

Hi world!

Emerald is here to share 6-word stories.
Example of six-word stories:
Six-Word Stories Student volunteers created a resilience campaign that encouraged Stanford students to submit their failure narratives in just six words. The results were put together in the collages below to display these powerful stories.” — Stanford University

Here is mine:

  • We make or break the world
  • Humans are animals in sophisticated fashion
  • Head and heart balance could save
  • Save the world save yourself misery
  • Illusion does make world go around
  • Truth shatters illusion and flushes toilet
  • Why What When Why How Where
  • Facts are not a conclusion indeed
  • Learn to be whole, integrate psychology
  • Earth needs wisdom, not intelligent warfare
  • Earth is our shared home, gratitude
  • Earth is awake, living being watching
  • Mother sacrifices whilst father gloried
  • Father sacrifices whilst mother rest
  • Partnerships thrive on collaboration, cooperation, communication

Beauty is in the beholder's eyes
True beauty is when you see
Beauty is deep, beauty is regal

About The Author


Kate Lee is the CEO of an impact-driven company LIFE OF EMERALD, a platform that helps corporate employees worldwide reduce stress by providing strategies on how to take care of the soul, body, and mind health via conscious media. She is a mental health healer, storyteller, astrologer, and social entrepreneur from Seoul, Korea. She helps people accelerate finding life’s purpose and integrate bipolar into wholeness. Kate has 15 years of teaching experience including educating STEM college graduates sponsored by the South Korean government. Her ancestors are kings of South Korea of the Joseon dynasty (1392–1897 AD) and the scholars and kings of the Nobel class in the Shilla dynasty (57 BC -935 AD). Sacred Healing Summit speaks up about the ‘elephant’ in the room with Ph.D. scholars in psychology, spirituality, business, medicine, and governance for emotional intelligence. We create a global impact for millennials and generation X who are feeling psychologically vulnerable and mentally unstable. Our audience is corporate employees worldwide, Stanford GSB LEAD, New York University IMBA, Linkedin, Harvard University, and Higher learning institutes in the UK, USA, and Korea.

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LIFE OF EMERALD is a spiritual organization empowering millenials and generation X to stand (wake) up to the universal truth grounded in oneness with creation